Jun 3, 2017

The Journey Home

"I come from a different place."

..said the man who had just unleashed a 30-second tirade of expletives, after working a 12 hour shift and asking one simple thing of a software developer (and being told it was against the rules) - one thing that would make his present work day just a little bit easier to manage.

But, you see, at that very moment it dawned on this man just exactly what his problem had been for the past 18 years of his adult life. Over the years, he understood these things in bits and pieces, but never as coherently as he did right in this moment, as he looked at the faces of his coworkers who were in a state of disbelief of the vile words that had just spewed out of his mouth.

He understood, finally, how his fellow coworkers were able to rest comfortably at night, even when things at the office were in a complete disarray. Their work was a means to an end, just a way to punch a clock and make it home to dinner on time. And, because of this, they saw any act of taking initiative and ‎pride in one's work a liability to their pursuit of the easy going 9-to-5 paradise that is work-life-balance.

He was their enemy, or even worse, their willing fool.

‎His dedication to the job and his strong desire to deliver a valuable product from his efforts was seen as an opportunity by others to slack off even further, because he had made the "mistake" of showing people a better way to do things.

If people were honest with their intentions, he thought, then these misunderstandings would simply not occur. Instead, however, we had been raised in a culture that openly cherishes the ability to delegate our work to others, and regards any real hard work and ingenuity as a costly liability to be meted out carefully and kept strictly under lock and key.

So finally, this man realized that he was simply from a different place, and not like the others around him. This gave him comfort in knowing that his long-lived shame for his workaholic ways was unwarranted for all of these years, and that he simply embraced a different set of values long lost to the comforts of modern society.

And so, he finally realized that people will never change, and that his way of life was to remain a curious enigma among the masses of mostly-comfortable souls who were more focused on their inner circles than on the bigger problems that they were supposedly paid a salary to solve.

So the man decided to retire the Working Quietly blog, and live peacefully ever after, in his one-man nature's paradise.

That's not to say that this blog will lay completely dormant from this point forward. I will still use it as a place to post some cool sh*t that I am working on from time to time. ‎As the name suggests, I will never stop working, quietly. I hope you'll continue to enjoy what you see here.

All the best,

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