What Is This Site About?

Being stressed at work is a common, shared experience across the majority of the workforce today, and there is certainly an abundance of resources out there to help people cope with the challenges of their daily grind at the office.

The last thing that you or I need is another book to teach people how to manage their busy schedules at work. This tried-and-true approach has focused on the supply side of stress: the work will always be coming in, so people need to gain the skills to deal with an ever-increasing workload, and produce a higher level of output each and every year.

But, what about the demand side of stress? Where does our new work and increasing responsibility come from, and why do we get more and more of it every year, as salaried employees? Is all of the work we do really necessary for our organization? And, how would we know if it is useful, or isn't? Should we care about this?

These are not simple questions, and that's why I created WorkingQuietly.com - a web site that's dedicated to exploring these questions from the perspective of an ex-employee who transitioned into self-employment after a decade in the software industry.

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