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Welcome to the Working Quietly learning library! Take a look at these videos and infographics for some instant inspiration on how to tackle your workplace challenges right now! Here are some resources tailored specifically for you:

Stressed At Work?
Whether we like to admit it or not, a lot of us are stressed (or were stressed) in our 9-to-5 jobs. There are tons of resources already out there to help you treat the symptoms of stress, but what are some of the root causes? I decided to take a fresh look at why we're so darn stressed at work - enjoy the first video!

Help! They all want it.. now!
Ever wondered why you feel like you're the hardest working person in the office, and can't make ends meet? Watch this video for 5 quick tips on how to manage your time in a need-it-now office culture!

Take Back 30 Minutes Now: 3 Easy Ways
Do you need an extra half hour today?  Getting it back can be easier than you think - have a look at these tips designed just for introverts!

The 6 Energy Drain Traps At the Office
Watch out for these six energy drain traps if you're an introvert! How many of these factors are affecting you right now?

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